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Meet Amelia

Shelly Storm, IHP

Integrative Health Practitioner

I have been studying health and wellness for over a decade.  I currently use 7 integrative disciplines to best help my clients take control of their health.  My passion lies around detoxification and nutrition.  I am a strong believer that we need to strip back toxins, chemicals and stressors to reduce inflammation and support the liver. By doing this, we can then add in supplements to better support our bio-individual needs. 

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I use natural based modalities and protocols to work on imbalances and toxicities in the body to uncover the underlying root causes that are creating unwanted symptoms.  I help to put the body back into equilibrium so it can function at an optimal level.  This allows us to get well, lose weight, live longer and transform our self-image.  I work with clients by removing built up toxins and replacing possible deficiencies, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to balance inflammation and address gut issues.      

Why Naturopathy
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What Is Right Living

An 8 Part Approach to Wellness

  • toxin removal

  • gut health 

  • moving the lymph

  • digestion 

  • meal plans

  • food combining 

Positive Mindset 
  • see it  

  • believe it 

  • achieve it

Aloe Vera Plant
  • replacing deficiencies 

  • foundational protocols 

  • vitamins, minerals, herbs

  • tapping into our PNS

  • balancing our diurnal rhythm

  • better quality sleep 

  • immunity

  • hormones

  • nutrient absorption 

  • transform your body 

  • boost energy 

  • ideal plan for you

Emotional Balance
  • meditation

  • perspective 

  • gratitude 


"Right Living Wellness and the advice I receive from Shelly is invaluable.  I am a 71 year old active female with thyroid issues so I am always looking for advice to improve its function.  We started there with tests for my thyroid, adrenals and hormones.  While waiting for my results, I did a 21 day detox before having supplements suggested.  Shelly listens to my concerns and makes nutritional suggestions and always follows-up with my progress.  As a result I am finding my recovery time from doing an activity improving.  Next we are working on my digestion and "plumbing," and I don't mean the pipes in my house.  I am so happy to be working with Shelly and Right Living Wellness!"

-Shay S.


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Seattle, WA 98103

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